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New Hyde Park New York Water Quality

Worried About The New Hyde Park New York Water Quality? We Have Effective Solutions To Help Protect Your Family!

What percentage of tests exceeded a level that could cause health effects?

New Hyde Park New York Residents: Based On Recent Testing, Here Are The Results:

1,4-dioxane Suspected Carcinogen:

3 out of 9 water samples

    • %

Possible carcinogen that attacks the nasal cavity, kidney and liver. A clear liquid that dissolves in water and is used primarily as a manufacturing solvent, although it can also be found in personal care items such as soap. Of 1,062 tests nationwide that exceeded the level, 221, or 20 percent, were on Long Island. Prolonged exposure above the level could lead to one additional cancer case per 1 million population.

Chlorate Toxic Substance:

3 out of 12 water samples

    • %

Can cause anemia and nervous system problems in children. Used as a disinfectant, it prevents the body from absorbing iodine, important to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Prolonged exposure above the level could lead to adverse health effects.

PFNA Perfluorinated Chemicals:

1 out of 18 water samples

    • %

Manmade chemical; used in products to make them stain, grease, heat and water resistant.

Hexavalent chromium Toxic Substance:

22 out of 24 water samples

    • %

Used in chrome-plating, dyes, pigments, tanning leather and preserving wood, if inhaled it can cause lung cancer, stomach tumors and skin ulcers. The government is reviewing its toxicity in drinking water and has set no threshold for dangerous exposure. It was detected in 1,247 of 1,417 tests on Long Island.

HCFC-22 Volatile Organic Compound:

1 out of 9 water samples

    • %

Used as a refrigerant, as a low-temperature solvent, and in fluorocarbon resins, especially tetrafluoroethylene polymers. It is chlorofluorocarbon and occurs as a gas.

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