WaterTech Reionator Pro Ultra


The Ultimate Water Quality And Nothing Comes Close

Water simply doesn’t get any better than this. For those who refuse to compromise on quality, this is the water quality system for you. The Reionator Pro Ultra is the top shelf of all water improvement products, and it has no peers. When you install the Reionator Pro Ultra, premium water circulates throughout your home, improving and elevating everything it touches. If you enjoy the finer things in life, this is the system for you.

Experience the Pinnacle of Water

The Reionator Pro Ultra solves it all, addressing water hardness and reducing chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, and other emerging contaminants. In short, the Reionator Pro Ultra is everything you want, and it does it better than anything else on the market.

Only the Best For You & Your Family

The Reionator Pro Ultra was created for those who expect the very best from their water. Our customers truly value the importance of exceptional water quality, with beverage-grade water from every faucet in their home.

Universally Healthier

Water is the driving force of all nature, and water from the Reionator Pro Ultra is in a class of its own. By significantly reducing chloramines, chlorine, pesticides, and other emerging contaminants, we’ve made the cleanest and healthiest water for you and your family. Get ready for clearer skin, stronger hair, cleaner homes, and a healthier lifestyle.

Experience Peak Softness

For decades, people have lived with good water — but we know you expect more out of life than “good.” Peak water softness is a signature benefit of the Reionator Pro Ultra. Standard slippery, soft water can leave you with the uncomfortable “can’t wash the soap off” feeling. With the Reionator Pro Ultra, you’ll be bathing and showering in water that is so clean, you will actually feel the difference in your life. Experience perfection.

Safeguard Your Home

Hard water — full of calcium and other rocky minerals — pummels your appliances and fixtures with every use. Worse yet, the minerals aggregate over time and congest your plumbing and appliances like clogged arteries. It’s time that you fix the problem at the source: your water. With the Reionator Pro Ultra, enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can protect your appliances and plumbing for the long term, while also providing an efficient return on your investment. Enjoy a luxury that truly pays for itself.

Clean with Convenience

The minerals in hard water make cleaning your home more difficult than it needs to be. It makes you use more soap to get something clean. It leaves spots and streaks. And you have to spend more of your time than you’d like, without ever reaching that sparkling clean you see in commercials. The problem isn’t you, it’s your water. Hard water makes cleaning almost impossible. It’s time you upgraded your water, which will make cleaning and polishing a breeze.

Return on Investment

The Reionator Pro Ultra can improve your hot water heater efficiency by up to 30% — think about the annual savings! Plus, the softer water allows you to cut down on soap and cleaning product use by as much as 50% and also protect the life of your appliances that use water. And at the same time, you’ll be reducing your impact on the Earth as your water usage decreases.


Less Water, Less Salt — Efficiency at its finest! The Reionator Pro Ultra system uses double AquaHelix technology coupled with the Triton water softening smart valve, creating the world’s most innovative and efficient universal water treatment system. The innovative AquaHelix technology takes efficiency to the next level. Due to its increased softening and filtration capacity, the AquaHelix technology that powers the Reionator Pro Ultra system is much more efficient and effective. Enjoy your incredible water and rest comfortably knowing the system works efficiently.

Dual Means More

The Reionator Pro Ultra uses an enhanced dual multimedia bed approach, which features two compartments, each filled with special media blends that are separated by an AquaHelix plate (as well as a bottom AquaHelix plate). Having dual media beds means the Reionator Pro Ultra just does more — more softening, more contaminant reduction, more great water. And the AquaHelix™ technology makes sure that the media blends stay clean and functioning most efficiently.

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