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Can Air Purifiers Filter Out The Coronavirus?

It turns out, air purifiers may be able to help prevent the spread of viruses and germs in your house. Following the outbreak of coronavirus, millions of people flocked to buy face masks to protect themselves from the virus. Data shows face masks can protect you from the coronavirus, but can air purifiers also capture coronavirus particles.   Air purifiers are always a good idea for those with allergies, but if you tend to work from home or are planning to spend a lot of time indoors (and with recent quarantines, lockdowns, and practicing social distancing, that could be in the cards) they might be worth considering.   First and foremost, air purifiers can help with all of your normal indoor allergens—including dust, mold, pet dander, and even smoke from cooking and tobacco. While experts at the CDC have noted that the best way to improve indoor air quality is to open a window, this may not be an option for people with asthma or other seasonal allergies. In these cases, the EPA specifies that air purifiers, especially when left to run at high fan speeds for long amounts of time, can help improve air quality. For more information contact Long Island Clean Water (516) 591-3246. Follow us on Facebook