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Concerns About New York City Drinking Water Remain Despite Quality Assurances

New York City drinking water maintains its high profile status as one of the best in the world. Lately residents are questioning if that’s actually true. From Bronx residents complaining of foul tasting tap water, to buildings in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyesant that are contaminated with high levels of lead. Many people are concerned about the potential of a Flint, Michigan level disaster where over 100,000 people were left without safe drinking water. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) remains adamant that New York City drinking water is absolutely safe. A spokesperson was recently quoted as saying “New York City drinking water is the best in the nation. It is tested more that 600,000 times annually and is lead-free and meets or exceeds all health and safety regulations.” The worries many residents have about their water supply is offered a clue in that statement. The safety regulations mentioned don’t include mandates for removing lead pipes from inside privately owned properties. This includes many apartment buildings throughout the Five Burroughs. For this reason perfectly clean and safe drinking water may become hazardous when it enters your home or buildings plumbing. Published studies indicate that ingesting lead damages ones ability to think and act. This disruption of executive function can severely effect impulse control in both children and adults.

Protect Your Family With A Water Filtration System

If you happen to live in a house or building that may have old lead pipes there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. One good practice is to run the tap with cold water for at least thirty seconds in the morning. This will clear out any water that may have been sitting in the pipes while you slept. Another great step to take is to install a drinking water filter in your home. You can get affordable systems that provide safe water right from that tap. A quality drinking water filter will be NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified and will greatly reduce impurities like lead, arsenic, copper, cyst, fluoride, chromium, nitrates and more. Before you invest in a water filtration system you may want to speak to a professional and have your water tested free of charge. LICWS is one of the oldest and largest providers of residential and commercial water treatment systems on Long Island. Since 1985 LICWS has installed and serviced an extensive line of high quality water systems that address every type of problem water. To schedule a consultation contact the water experts at Long Island Clean Water today (516) 591-3246. Socialize with us on Facebook.