Clean water is essential for healthy day-to-day living. It’s vital to drink, get clean, cook your food, to run your appliances. Most people believe that the water in their house is clean, safe, and free of contaminants. Unfortunately, without proper treatment, it’s likely that a residential water source isn’t as healthy as one might assume. Thanks to the ever-advancing technologies within the water treatment sphere, a consumer has many different options to address their particular concerns.

We’re so excited to add some new, cutting-edge products to our lineup by Aerus and Voltea!

The Aerus Elevate pH 600+ is a residential reverse osmosis system, which works to remove dissolved substances from your water through a multiphased filtration system. It filters out heavy metals, proteins, sugars, odor-causing solutes, and other such minuscule particulates to produce water that’s free of any foreign material. While that alone would be great for health, this process naturally warps the pH of the water, which many other systems may have to accept as a byproduct of the filtration process or add an alkaline filter to the system. However, the Elevate pH 600+ has two separate filtration phases in its RO chain that serves to reintroduce proper pH through the proprietary pH-enhancing filtration technology.

For a larger-scale filtration solution with an equally small footprint, there’s the Voltea DiEntry: CapDI.  This purification system focuses on filtration at the point of entry as the salt-less water purification system is available at a residential level. The ease of upkeep is paired with the ability to fine-tune the exact amount of salt removal desired by the owner to best fit their specific needs. With low energy consumption and reduced wear and tear on your pipe system, the CapDI is potentially a sensible choice for both one’s health and wallet.

For concerns specific to chlorine content, harsh chemicals, and hard water in the home, the WC 200 by Aerus is a dual-purpose carbon-based water filtration and water softening solution. This handy product packs live measurement and monitoring and precise filtration into a powerful, customizable system. If you’re ready for that squeaky clean feeling after showers or getting streakless, spotless dishes, the WC 200 may very well be exactly what you were looking for.

And, indeed, while ultimately these devices are meant to filter out contaminants and other unwanted material to provide healthier living and heightened quality of life, there’s one thing just as important as water – the very air we breathe. With COVID still in full swing, being mindful of the air quality you’re breathing in is more and more of a concern…not to mention things like allergens, dust particles, and mold. 

The Aerus Beyond Guardian Air is a powerful, portable, plug-and-play solution for your home or business, reducing over 99.9% of airborne and surface-bound contaminants with its ActivePure technology and Hybrid filtration system Thanks to its photocatalytic process, it transforms the ambient hydrogen and oxygen into powerful oxidizing molecules that seek out and deactivate pathogens whenever and wherever they occur.

See the brochures linked above in the title of each product for more specific product information.