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A Whole Home Water Filtration System Offers Many Benefits

Long Island Clean Water offers many whole home water filtration solutions for your home or office. Read our 10 reasons to consider installing a whole home water filtration system, and contact the water experts at Long Island Clean Water for a in-home evaluation.
  1. Chemicals – If you you are using water provided by your town, village or county you should definitely be filtering all the water that comes into your home. Municipal water treatment facilities have to treat their water to prevent the spread of viruses and other contaminates and this is done by adding an assortment of chemicals into the water supply. Some studies have shown these chemicals to be potentially harmful to many users.
  2. Absorption – Toxins and chemical additions in water can be absorbed at a rate of almost 10 times faster through your skin then when just drinking it. Your skin is the most porous part of your body and can absorb chemical additives very quickly. Every time you shower, bather or wash your hands you are exposing your skin to chlorine and other water treatment chemicals and at a faster rate then if you were just sipping water.
  3. Sediment and Rust – Installing a whole house water filtration system can also help to remove sediment and rust that may be in your water pipes.
  4. Improved Filtration – with a high quality whole house water filtration system you will enjoy and increased level of water filtering then you would get from a basic counter top filter. A whole house system works in multiple stages and works to remove close to 40 contaminants from your taps.
  5. Increased Filter life – Whole House systems have a much longer filter lifetime then the ones you use on basic water filters.
  6. Reduce Dish Residue – The removal of chlorine from the water will help to remove the unsightly haze you sometimes find on dishes after washing them.
  7. Your clothing will last longer – With a whole house filter removing the chlorine and other chemicals entering your home you don’t have to worry about them getting into your laundry and ruining your clothes.
  8. Reduce Allergies and Asthma – The use of a Whole House Water Filter can help to lower the negative effects of asthma and other allergies for those who suffer by clearing the air of chlorine fumes.
  9. Healthier Skin & Hair – Exposing your hair and body to chlorine everyday can have a negative effect over long periods. By filtering all the water coming into your home you remove those risks.
  10. Better Flow Rate – Since your water has already been filtered you don’t have the pressure issues associated with reverse osmosis.
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