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Drinking water filters don’t just provide you with the comfort of knowing you are doing the right thing for your family, they also can allow you to feel good about helping our environment. Read along as we go over some of the top ways using water filtration in your home can have a positive environmental impact.

Drinking Water Filters Help Reduce Plastic Use and Waste

The number one most positive impact to using drinking water filters in your home is the elimination of plastic water bottle use within your household. Unfortunately as a result of rising issues with municipal tap water usage the sales of plastic water bottles continue to rise. Most people dislike the taste of treated tap water or prefer the safety of purified water, so they keep purchasing and drinking bottled water. There is however an unfortunate irony there because plastic water bottles are bad for both people and the environment in several ways.

Excessive Waste

The absolute most critical problem with the continued use of plastic water bottles is the massive amount of waste they create. Although there is a rising concern among many Americans with regard to the environment, we still have a lot of work to do. In 2017 bottled water sales in the United States increased to a whopping 13.7 billion gallons! Take a moment to consider just how much waste that has created. You may not know, but a single plastic bottle takes up to 300 years to break down in a landfill.

Fossil Fuel Consumption

The transport of plastic bottles and the need to keep them cold uses up a lot of energy. If you take a moment to consider just how much of it is being moved around and stored all over the planet, you quickly realize it is an unsustainable amount of fossil fuels being used. The production of the bottles also uses up a lot of energy as well. According to recent report by National Geographic – “Americans drink more bottled water than any other nation, purchasing an impressive 29 billion bottles every year. Making all the plastic for those bottles uses 17 million barrels of crude oil annually. That is equivalent to the fuel needed to keep 1 million vehicles on the road for 12 months.” It takes nearly 25 million gallons of oil to produce all of those bottles and although recycling does reduce the rise of plastic waste, fossil fuels and energy are also consumed during the recycling process and that is in addition to the transport of the recyclable materials. Using drinking water filters such as our WaterCare Ultrowater can provide you and your family clean, great tasting, filtered water directly from your faucet every day so you can say goodbye to plastic bottles for good! The use of drinking water filters can be your families first step to stopping your use and dependence on bottled water. One household at a time can work towards an improved environment and a reduction in fossil fuel use. You can also rest easy with the knowledge that your loved ones are drinking safe, clean and fresh water with no contaminants. For more information contact the water experts at Long Island Clean Water Systems today 206 Newtown Road, Plainview, NY 11803 (516) 591-3246 – Follow us on Facebook